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SandbookNet PenPal Magazine August 2011, issue 10
"Dear Sandbookers!
It is summer, the sun is shining bright and you are reading another issue of our penpal magazine. Whether you have chosen to be at the seaside or in the mountains, we really hope that you are having a wonderful summer holidays! The summer is all about friends, parties and having fun.
Don’t forget that in our September issue we will be publishing stories by real penpals on how they spent their vacation. If you would like to be a part of the next issue, don’t hesitate and contact us real soon!
Raia from the Sandbook.Net Team

July 2011, issue 9
"Dear Sandbookers!
Summer time has always been my favorite season.  I simply couldn’t ask for more – sunshine, cheerful people, the seaside and the cool breeze and lots of happy memories just waiting to happen. I always wanted to go an extra mile for the summer issues and make them feel special. That is why we choose to host the Sandbook Mega Giveaway over the last couple of weeks and to announce the winners in this issue. We are also trying out a new layout of the pages with the intention to bring more style and fashion in our pages. Additionally, we have two surprises for you in this issue – a coupon for free shipping all summer long from our friends at Letter Parade (see interview for more details) and the news of a really amazing giveaway hosted by Laura and the Moonstone Shop (see her pages in this magazine for more information). Last, but not least, we tried to come up with interesting articles from the world of penpalling and correspondence.

Hopefully by next year by this time, we’d be able to present to you our magazine in a paper format that you can carry in your beach bag and enjoy while sunbathing! Don’t forget the sunscreen!

I hope this issue brings you much joy!"

Yours truly,

Raia from the Sandbook.Net Team

June 2011, issue 8
"The sun is shining and the thoughts are occupied with summer plans! Yes, indeed, after a long wait the summer is here and we need to plan for the vacation time. Where do you plan to spend the summer holiday? Are you willing to be our eyes and ears this summer? If yes, pick up your camera and keep notes on the best moments/places you visit. We’d love to read about them and publish any photos that you would like to share. That way we will be able to travel to multiple locations without asking for additional days off work! Don’t forget the sun screen, stay hydrated and enjoy this awesome summer!"
May 2011, issue 7
Tarot Readings by Rach Gee
"The spring had arrived! The sun is up and shinning and you are holding the May issue of our penpal magazine! We hope that May brings you all the love, success and mail that you need to keep the smile on your face all month long! In this issue, you will find interesting articles, links and interviews about Penpalling! Don’t forget to check out our cultural section to learn about Labor’s Day, St. George’s Day, Mother’s Day and of course The Alphabet Day! We have a new group on Facebook dedicated to Penpalling and our magazine. Search for “Sandbook PenPal Magazineand join us while we are discussing the topics for the upcoming issues! Don’t forget that we are always searching for guest writers – so if you are interested in becoming one or you have a e-shop for stationery or a Penpalling blog – simply contact us!" Booklet 4: Tarot Readings by Rach Gee is our May 2011 booklet! Hope you will enjoy it! 
April 2011, issue 6
Angels by Samantha Stroy, booklet 3
"The winter is long gone, the spring is knocking on our door and you are holding the latest issue of our penpalling magazine! Did you manage to catch up with your mail before the Easter holidays? Are you curious to find out how Easter is celebrated around the globe? Are you searching for new stationery supplies and ideas for your correspondence? This issue will hopefully help you answer all those questions. 
Due to troubles in the communication with two of our authors, whose articles are not published in this issue, the April’s edition of our magazine is way overdue! Therefore, the Sandbook.Net Team developed an addition to our policy regarding articles: once the article is approved and scheduled for publication, authors cannot edit the article or change the publication date. This new rule will allow us to release the magazines promptly. There is nothing else left to say, but: Happy Easter with lots of mail in your mailbox!". Enjoy the booklet number 3, called Angels.
March 2011, issue 5
 "Welcome to yet another edition of our PenPal Magazine. On the following pages you will find a lot of interesting PenPalling articles to make your correspondence even more interesting; ads to give you the chance to find the right penpal and swapper for yourself; and of course our international customs, celebration and events pages to give you a little window at the events in March. We hope you will enjoy the whole colorful and joyful combination of the topics in this March Issue.
If you want to share an article or a story, promote your blog or website, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always searching for fresh ideas to make every issue a unique and interesting one. And don’t forget: Penpalling is not just a hobby! It’s a lifestyle!"
February 2011, issue 4

 "It is half way through the winter and you are with your favorite Penpal and Swappers’ Magazine: SandbookNet. On the pages of the February issue you will find useful information about Penpalling and Correspondence, interesting information about cool websites and of course articles about the special events and days in this month. Yes, you have guessed – St. Valentine is just around the corner and we have been investigating it and managed to dig up a lot of amazing information. Are you eager to read it?! I thought so! Once again, it’s the “Month of Love” as I like to call it, so we would love to thank you all for the love and support for our magazine! Without you, there is no magazine!Amour, amour, amour! Love is in the air!So Happy St. Valentine’s Day!"
February brings the second booklet of our Sandbook Booklet series called "PenPalling has a Planet", which is written by Georgia Mystrioti. Enjoy!

Mercury: PenPalling has a Planet by Georgia Mystrioti, booklet 2, February 2011
January 2011, issue 3
Numerology by Samantha Stroy, booklet 1, January 2011
"A month has passed since our first issue hit the “market”. Over that time, we have received numerous emails, inquiries and reviews of our work so far. Thank you for the big interest and feedback! We really appreciate the support and the love that you have showed us. We hope that we can give you back just as much dedication, loyalty and support as you have given us. 
I would like to wish you a very joyful winter holiday with lots of happiness and laughter surrounding you and your loved ones. I also hope that Santa didn’t misplace any of the goodies that you truly deserve! On behalf of the Sandbook.Net Team, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a magical New 2011 Year. Finally, it’s time for me to leave you with the pages of our Holiday Special Magazine. Pour yourself a hot cup of chocolate and enjoy the over 100 pages that we have prepared for you. We shall see you again on January 11, 2011."
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