Friday, September 2, 2011

PenPal Interview with Gabriele

By: Rachel Brazeale

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview my pen pal from Lithuania, Gabrielė. We chatted via IM on SKYPE.

Rachel for the Lime Green Giraffe: “Where is Lithuania on the map?”
Gabrielė: “:D It is in central – East Europe, near Poland, Belarus and Latvia. There were some calculations and it is certified that the centre of Europe is in Lithuania!”

R: “What is school like in Lithuania?”
G: “Um. Our classes start at 8 am and we have from 5 to 8 classes everyday which last 45 minutes. After each class we have 10 minutes break. Unfortunately, our school system tends to be more theoretical, if you understand me? We don’t have a lot of practical works. In my school every year students are directing a big musical! This year it will be ‘Grease’. I’m very excited about it.”

R: “What do you mean by you “don’t have practical works?”
G: “It’s just that we learn from the books and not from the practice.”

R: “Ah, okay. What is your favorite Lithuanian food?”
G: “It has no translation to English but it is a cold beetroot soup. It is in such a lovely pink colour! We call it “šaltibarščiai”. It is eaten with hot potatoes. In fact, all our traditional dishes are from potatoes.”

Read the whole interview on Rachel's blog or by download the issue 10, August 2011: SandbookNet PenPal Magazine from our website.

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