Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Janet's Store

If you are a fan of Kawaii stationary, you would probably know that it is really hard to get hold of. But not anymore! I was cruising on google.com and searching for nice and neat stationary, when I discovered Janet’s store. I was amazed that it offered simplicity of the whole website, competitive prices and great variety of products.
Firstly, I was impressed for the diversity of the products that were offered. Fact is that I was searching for stationary for my correspondence, but to be honest with you all, the moment I saw the product’s listings, I wanted to buy everything. Yeah, as you all know me, I am addicted to shopping and online shopping makes no exception. But let’s put it out there – how often do you find a nice online store that offers items that you have always wanted to buy, but never actually found? Yeah, that happens really often. Far too often that I might want to. So when , by the luck of the stars, I ended up at Janet’s Store I had to look around and satisfy my curiosity. Online-Window shopping is really fast and you don’t have to deal with those sellers that ask you “How can I help you?” or “What can I do you for?” when you have not yet had the chance to look around and see things for yourself. How can you want to buy something or need help picking out something that you don’t know that the shop is offering? So having that in mind, I looked around the categories and friends, I must say it – Janet has it all. Whether you want to buy stationary (like me) or you are up for some accessory shopping spree or you wish to get some cool new designs on clothes – Janet’s shop is where your search should begin. There are a lot of interesting ideas (combined with photos of the products) how to make your life more “kawaii”-wise.
In addition, the prices are really down to Earth and very competitive, when compared to other online shops. As I think about ordering from Janet’s store, I discovered this cool feature of her site – estimated shipping calculator. Yes, indeed, the prices are without shipping, but have no fear – you can calculate the shipping yourself and do not pay for those “overrated” shipping expenses. Just select your country and the “weight” of your purchase and you will be able to estimate the shipping costs even before you place the order.
Finally, the navigation across the site is really easy to handle and straight forwarded. You simply can’t lose your way throughout the checking out or while browsing the site. An interesting point is earning  bonus points with your order. They can be later used / exchanged for gifts. Sounds great, huh? Shipping and checkout are done easily and the payment is handled with PayPal, so there is no banking information that is exchanged – everything is done so conveniently and it is simply ready to use.
Having said all this, you might be wondering where the shop is. It is linked directly to the Logo that I got from the site. What is left for me to say but only – HAPPY SHOPPING!

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