Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Michelle’s Memorial Bracelets

“I came up with the idea of my memorial bracelets when I lost my baby due to a miscarriage. It was a way to help create a memory”, says Michelle Dayson when asked about how her idea of her Memorial bracelets came to light. She continues: “A lot of people have memories of their babies being born, but unfortunately they don’t have the opportunity to spend much time with them. I didn't get to make many memories, so I decided to create some myself!”. Using her creativity, she started working on the Memorial Cards, then started customizing them for other grieving families. Later on, she started making Angel Bookatrixes and Memorial Bracelets. Her message is moving in its simplicity “Cherish every memory you can make or have made”.
I took the liberty to show you some of her handcrafted creations on the pictures bellow. I Hope you will enjoy them. And for everyone out there who wants to contact Michelle and have a bracelet, card or Angel Bookatrix customized – just follow the link to her Facebook Page.
Memorial Angel Bookatrix Memorial bracelets and the cardsCreate a Memory Facebook Group
bracelets bracelet2 box bookatrix bookatrix2

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