Saturday, November 20, 2010

SandbookNet PenPal & Swappers Magazine issue 1, Nov 2010

SandbookNet Magazine
The first issue was officially published on our website on Nov 11, 2010 and features articles on various topics, ads from pen pals and swappers from all over the world and presentations of online stores and blogs that you will enjoy. Click here to download your issue of the magazine!
To place an ad in the coming issue you will need to go to our website, then click Magazine and select Place an Ad, you can place an add for a Lost PenPal, or seek advice from Viv and Davina in our Relationship Column. Hope to see you in issue 2 (coming out December 11, 2010)!


  1. I really enjoyed the first issue! I hope to place an ad in the magazine for my beauty blog, at least I hope you take those type of ads.

  2. Hi Fitness Mom - we'd love to have an ad for your blog - just send me an email with the link and some words about the idea behind the blog - how it came to be, etc. We can rerun a post from your blog in our Fashion Section. What do you think? My email is raiasandbook @ (just delete the spaces). Happy PenPalling!


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