Thursday, December 2, 2010

PenPal of the Month - November 2010 - Winners!!!

Congratulations to Johanna Tarrimaa & Anne Lanto who have been choosen for our PenPals of the Month November 2010! Here is the nomination for our penpal of the month Johanna, submitted by her pen pal Anne:

"Hello Sandbook, I would love to nominate my best (pen)pal Johanna as a PenPal of the month. We met online threw some pen pal site last summer and started talking over e-mails. The e-mails got longer and longer and more personal by letter coz we just have such a good connection. It is very easy to tell her my deepest darkest secrets, problems, fears and of course happiness and joy. she is never rude and has never been judgmental. she is very good in giving advice and making me feel better with great jokes. We both live in Finland at the moment, but we have never met though I am sure it will happen one day really soon and then it will be the greatest day for both of us because it will be full of joy and laughter. Just like our e-mails and MSN chats are. I can really honestly say that I see her as not only my e-mail pen pal, but also as a very dear and close pal. I hope we stay close pals for ever and ever and I am sure she feels the same." Anne Lanto 

Exclusive interviews with our PenPals of the Month Nov 2010 Winners are coming soon!

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