Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sandbook: The PenPal Magazine - inside look

Hello, everyone!

Here are some images of pages from our issue 1. Be on the look out for issue 2 - which is going to be released on Dec 11, 2010. How to get it? :) Follow this link www.SandBook.Net and select the Magazine button and choose from the menu - "This issue". When we release the second issue, we will move issue 1 to the "Archive" section that is part of the same drop down menu.

Letter Insider: The Do's and Dont's in PenPalling:
Cover Story: How to make nice and neat FB's:
 Simplicity Embellished - the best lifestyle blog that also happens to deal with correspondence. Check our the blog itself here:

Samantha's Thoughts: a mother, a penpal and a writer:

Facebook Discussion: How did I start PenPalling? 
For more interesting articles, traditions and correspondence tips, check out the whole SandbookNet PenPal and Swappers Magazine - issue 1, available for download on our website. 

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