Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pen Pal of the Month March 2011 Winners!!!

Congratulations to our PenPals of the Month 2011: Sabrina (Luxembourg) and Nadia Kalinkova (Russia)! Here's the interview with Sabrina and a view of the lovely Luxembourg!

And here's the winning nomination:
“Hello SandbookNet Team! I am writing for your PenPal of the Month March 2011 contest. I would love to nominate my penpal Sabrina for it. She is creative, cheerful and truly an amazing penpal and of course a great friend. Her letters are always interesting to read as her style of letter writing is so nice – she starts off the letter with the news around her and then answers all the questions that I might have asked in my previous letter. Letter correspondence with her is like an open chat. The beauty of it is that unlike chat or messengers, we have lots of colorful and interesting letters in our hands. I have never thought possible to get to know a country only by correspondence with a native, but Sabrina is showing me bits and pieces of Luxembourg with every letter and it almost feel like I have visited it myself. Sabrina should be your next PenPal of the Month! Yours, Nadia”

If you want to download your copy of our penpal magazine, please click here for the download of our latest issue, or click here to go to the previous issues of our magazine!

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