Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Write around the world... April 2011 Update

"March was an insanely exciting month! In under 2 weeks, all the interview packs were compiled and sent out and we proudly got to change the status of Write Around the World from pre-production to PRODUCTION! This means that everyone who's taking part in the film is creating their pieces and, slowly but surely, they will all come back in. Once we have all the interviews back and have received permission from various other agencies (Google for our mapping system and any film footage and music we'll be using) then the status will change to post-production. For me, the production phase is the most exciting. I love it! I love seeing what people create and how hundred of different ideas come together to form one, huge creation. It's a monumental task creating a film of any kind, with weeks and months, and sometimes even years, of planning going into it before the first camera even rolls. At times it becomes like a military operation, with one person keeping tabs on what everyone else is doing. Thankfully, for this film, there are only a few people working on it (and some of them share the same office as me!) so it's not too hard to find out what's going on."  To read the whole article please download the April's issue of our Free PenPal Magazine!

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