Monday, July 18, 2011

Letter Parade visit SandbookNet

Are you familiar with the cute and absolutely gorgeous designs from Letter Parade? If you haven't heard about them, now is your chance to discover them with their Interview on the pages of our magazine! Cindy, the owner of Letter Parade, give us an all exclusive interview. Moreover, Cindy and Letter Parade give all Sandbook Readers a discount coupon to use in at Letter Parade Etsy Shop. Learn more about the coupon on the pages of our magazine or the official Letter Parade Blog.

And here are some photos taken from the July 2011 issue of our free penpal magazine:

Download issue 9, July 2011 of our PenPal Magazine from SandbookNet Official Website!


  1. Thank you for the awesome feature in your amazing ezine :0)

  2. It was our pleasure to do this review of Letter Parade!!! :D) Keep up the amazing work!


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